Learn About Conservation Easements

We were recently invited to discuss this eco-friendly tax mitigation strategy at a free, public seminar series entitled “Tricks of the Rich!” We appreciated the opportunity to share this information with people who might not otherwise have heard it!

You can watch the seminar by clicking on the image. You can also contact us directly or visit www.SaveOn2018Taxes.com to learn more.

About “Tricks of the Rich!”

“Tricks of the Rich!” is a community-outreach seminar series designed to promote financial literacy, and spread awareness of economic opportunities that are typically known and accessible only to the wealthy. Because financial advisors are forbidden by regulations to actively “sell” investments and services to people who aren’t already under their guidance, helpful information and sound advice isn’t reaching a large majority of working people. This unfortunately, tends to perpetuate and reinforce economic inequality in our society. The mission of “Tricks of the Rich!” is to encourage and empower people from all backgrounds to seek information, enlist resources, and take positive action to improve their financial lives.

FWS Team