Private Equity (PE)

This is where you could invest your risky or opportunistic sleave of your portfolio.

Think “Big Risk – Big Reward”.

Seed funding or early rounds of investing are considered risky and are only offered to high-net-worth accredited investors.

As with all of our programs, we look at seed funding as a highly risky investment opportunity and only introduce our clients after we conduct a thorough examination of the offering.

We also co-invest in most of the programs we have offered in the past, which we fully disclose to our investors, not to sway the purchase, but to show our money is invested because we are convinced in the long-term opportunity.

Frontier Wealth Strategies performs a thorough due diligence review on all investment opportunities to understand the risks and rewards before sharing them with our clients. Once we have identified an appropriate opportunity, we only recommend investing after we understand your needs and values, ensuring we can match the best investment opportunity for you. 

As with all investments, there is a risk. Understanding the risk associated with an investment and your tolerance and time frame is important to us at Frontier Wealth Strategies. A discussion of the finer points of each opportunity should be thoroughly explored before investing.

Engaging with your advisor, CPA, accountant, and legal counsel is advised before making any decision

Frontier Wealth Strategies does not work on commission for any of our investment opportunities.