Tannie is a small business owner that recently dissolved a partnership and needed to create a retirement plan for the business that would be flexible enough to manage fluctuating cash flows. We sat down and talked about personal needs and business goals; reviewed current revenue and projected income. I worked with my retirement resource team and narrowed down the best options; then I introduced Tannie to my retirement resource team and we discussed each plan. Tannie made the decision, and I presented the retirement plan to the employees. Tannie is a driven person who wants to make decisions based on solid information.

The Problem

As a small business owner who needs to manage a number of competing demands on her resources, Tannie would like to create a retirement plan for her employees but does not have the time or expertise to work through the maze of options and applicable regulations on her own.

The Challenge

Small businesses must adapt quickly to changing market conditions and cash flow fluctuations. This makes supporting employee retirement plans particularly challenging. Such a plan must take careful account of the special needs of small businesses.

The Goal

Tannie wants to make a fact-based decision on the optimum way to provide her employees with a sensible, sustainable retirement plan.

The Path

Tannie consulted me for an initial discussion of her personal needs and business goals. We reviewed her business plan and the current and projected income that she could expect to generate over the coming years.

I took this information to our retirement resource team, and we worked together to identify the best options. I introduced Tannie to the team, and we discussed each possibility. Based on the retirement resource group’s presentations, Tannie selected the employee retirement plan that she thought was the best fit for her small business.

The Frontier Wealth Strategies Benefit

Small business owners must navigate a host of financial, personnel, and time pressures to be successful. Like Tannie, they are hard-driving people who want to make business decisions based on solid information. By consulting our firm, Tannie was able to draw on our specialized knowledge of retirement plans to select an option that she could feel confident was the best available choice to enhance the future financial security of her employees and her business.

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