If you are the kind of client that are looking to make an impact with your investments, Frontier have provided seed funding for several exciting start-ups - some of them we are currently raising funds for.

Tahoe Blue

The world's only vodka crafted from pristine Tahoe water, a 3-vodka blend that finishes as clean and smooth as the lake it's named for. Tahoe Blue was voted #1 Unflavored Vodka in the World at the prestigious Ultimate Spirits Challenge in New York.


Happioh streamlines unproductive meetings into a source of real competitive advantage, enabling workers to connect, catch up at lightspeed, make better decisions, and actually remember and act on deadlines, and grow professionally.


VeraScore™ is not a credit score - it’s a financial health score. Credit scoring companies only measure a fraction of relevant data points, making lending riskier and costlier than necessary. By comprehensively evaluating more financial data points for each individual, and measuring it more effectively, VeraScore provide lenders and consumers with an accurate, predictive method of assessing a consumer’s real financial health.


The Vortechs WasteNgine can recycle almost any mixed plastic or other hydrocarbon waste into new products or convert it to sustainable energy.
Vortechs recycles where the waste is generated through its village-scale design. This means no transporting waste long distances, making the carbon footprint worse. Accessible, affordable, no-prep recycling or sustainable waste to energy–with no incineration.


Evig is a new Social Media platform that focuses on narrow-casting in stead of broadcasting so you can strengthen ties to family and friends.
The platform is a safe place filled with respect, love and good memories. 
None of your personal data will be sold to advertisers. 

These investments are for accredited investors only since they are considered risky. For full disclosure please contact us.