Retirement Planning

Why does retirement planning seem so complex?

You might think that calculating out a successful retirement is all about the numbers. Assessing and estimating your current and future cashflows, trying to make sure you always have a positive net-worth, when planning is less about math and more about art. Understanding who, what and how can clarify your journey. The more important process is to answer the following questions:

  • Who am I? How do I stoke the wisdom gained in the first half of my life to burn more brightly in the second half?
  • Where do I belong? What makes a place the right place for me in the second half?
  • What do I care about? Where do I want to use my gifts and talents in the second half?
  • What is my purpose? How do I leave a legacy that has real meaning for myself and my loved ones?

At an individual level, retirement planning begins with writing down what you would like retirement to feel and look like, then sharing this with your Frontier Certified Financial Planner™.  

Most importantly, it gives your Frontier CFP® a clear path and understanding of how to create a plan that meets everyone’s objectives without leaving anyone’s needs or desires out. Developing a dynamic financial plan to ensure that you achieve financial freedom is part of what comprehensive, values-based financial planning is at Frontier. We work with you to translate your retirement dreams into a plan reviewed and updated regularly.